Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'd make a lousy Pioneer.

Summer is hot. I know. News flash, right?

Our air conditioning was installed in 1991. To say it has seen better days would be an understatement. That puppy can groan like an comedy audience subjected to nothing but Laughy Taffy rappers.

Last year it died. A mere 72 hours after the mortgage was signed. Fortunately for us, the previous owners purchased a Home Warranty. We asked to have the system replaced. They said they'd shove in some freon and if it failed again they'd consider it.

When the mechanic came out, we inquired concerning the price to replace it ourselves. He estimated 5,000-7,000. We declined.

Almost 1 year later (to the day!) it died, again. Our warranty had now expired -just one week before, of course. The idea of just putting in freon again was debated, but we felt the estimated price (more than $300) was not worth the results. We knew the leak was only getting bigger, and just throwing money down that hole was undesirable.

"We can tough it out!" I cried. "People have lived without cold air for thousands of years! There's only a few more months of summer! We'll be like pioneers, strong and faithful! We have a basement! It will be fine!"

(do I sound convincing? I think I was trying to convince myself.)

So off Hubby went on a trip, and I played at home. Day after day, we sweated. Girly-Lou and Buddy started fighting all day long. 'Lil started being fussy, and was only pseudo happy if she was in my arms. I started snapping over small insignificant things. No one was sleeping. Humidity levels inside the house began to resemble sauna conditions. Anything with paper began curling - the calendar, the notebooks, every book in the house looked like it had been dipped in water and then left to dry. The idea of cooking anything was as painful as sandpaper over a sunburn. And still we sweated. And stewed. And tensions grew and grew.

Hubby came home. I informed him I was not meant to be a pioneer. I was weak. I could not take it any longer and we needed to find another option. He just looked at me, confused at the difference. Just four days before I had been the one to convince him that no action was needed.

Now I was this blubbering mess floundering before him.

"Are you sure?" he inquired? "I think we might be ok."

"Live with us for 24 hours and then look me in the eyes and say that." I replied.

4 hours later he started looking up phone numbers.

Quotes began coming in. The news was comforting. For a fraction of the original price quoted, we could replace the entire system. Funds were gathered, and the new system chosen. Hubby stayed at home while I loaded the kids up and headed to the mall. For our family's sake, we just could not handle the heat any longer.

4 hours later a motor began running. A trickle of frigid air began the agonizing battle to vanquish the heat. It's struggling to win, but will eventually be victorious. Especially once we stop sitting on top of all the vents.

There is a reason I was not born 200 years ago. My family needs cool, drier air to not self destruct. Air conditioning has left the realm of luxury and turned into necessity. And how blessed I am that I only had to live for seven days before I understood just how lucky I am.

Now excuse me. I need to get back to my vent seat before someone else claims it.

Ahh. Cool, dry air. Life is good.


  1. That made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts!!

  2. Laree, You make me happy. I love you sis!

  3. Sooo glad that your little family is in the cool again, I remember years go we had the grumpies at our home cause of the heat, I can't imagine what it would be like for 1 day in your neck of the woods, congrats!!!

  4. I so enjoy the cute way you word your blog! Glad your home is comfortable again! Love ya lots! Oh by the way, any chance I will get to see you when I come to St. Louis monday?

  5. I'm late to this party. You've probably forgotten all about your days of hardship as you languish in front of the cool vent. But I just had to say, I hear you about putting on the stoic hat then wanting to take it off and stomp on it. I do it every day here, living in someone else's filthy house with no comfortable furniture. I waver back and forth between, "this is an adventure, I can handle it," to, I want a couch, and some outdoor furniture, and an empty closet...... and, and, and.
    That said, saving yourself and your children from certain death by melting should not be considered a weakness. It's good judgment.
    Thanks for noticing the Snow- White- post -apple pic on my Momformation blog.

  6. Hilarious, sis! And LOVE the picture!


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