Friday, April 16, 2010

Why my blog will never make me a millionaire.

My sister said something yesterday that got me thinking. She said "I've been trying to decide what direction to go with my blog. . . " Direction? Wow. That's more thought than I'd put into my writing.

So I started thinking. I looked at what I do. I looked at what I'm good at. I looked at the blogs I follow.

I want so many things in my life. I want to be cool. I want my blog to reflect my coolness. I want to be thought provoking like Ink Mom and Mommy Snark. I want to show off all kinds of decorating skills like the Nester and Remodleaholic. I want to create amazing cooking skills and dishes like Gourmet Mom on the Go. I want to be all crafty like Make it and Love it or Homemade by Jill. I want to showcase my new quilting skills like V and Co or Quilt Taffy. I want to have amazing scrap booking tips like Scrap Girls. I want to divulge thrifty tips and survival guides like Totally Ready and Food Storage Made Easy.

These are all my blog heroes. The amazing women that inspire me to create, to build, to learn, to improve. Reading their words makes me want to be a better person. I want to inspire others just like they do.

But really, I'm just a bit too diversified.

For example, here's a list of my current projects:
*Sanding the living room.
*Painting the bathroom.
*Cleaning my entire house because of #1.
*Sewing 2 pieced twin quilts for the girls' room.
*Figuring just what bed we're making for the kids
*Tackling all the weeds in the backyard
*Researching square foot gardens
*Reading Anna Karenina
*Finishing Buddy's third scrapbook
*Starting 'Lil's first scrapbook
*Cooking for the test kitchen
*Cross stitching Christmas presents
*Making kid's table and chairs
*Researching used cars
*Building our food storage

(And I honestly worked on 11 of those 15 things today.)
There is no way that one blog can showcase all that (unless you're Tip Junkie). I'm only one person. But I like my life. I love that I'm interested in so many things. I love finding new adventures, new ways to grow, new challenges. Someone once said (I think it was Lincoln) that God must prefer regular looking people. That's why He made so many of them. I'm not a blogging superstar. I'm just a regular gal, doing my craziness, one day at a time.

And I'm very ok with that.

So apparently, my blog is going the same place it's been. I'll talk about what inspires me, what's going on in my world. Occasionally I'll post about my house, about my kids. I'll put in recipes when I feel the need. If I craft something cool, you'll hear about it.

And in honor of all I'm doing, check out my new description. 'Cause when you do as much as I do, you might as well sound like your cool too.


  1. Your blog always makes me happy. I marvel at the wide range of activities you are always involved in. It's always a highlight of my day, with a little dissapointment thrown in when there is not a new blog when I feel the need. For me, your blog is perfect. Keep that special sparkle. Love you!

  2. That's my sis!!! Sure love you!!

    (and thanks for rescueing me today!! You're the best!)

  3. I'm flattered that you find me "thought provoking". Truly. And also? I know Remodelaholic. She's awesome.

    And also? I love your blog just the way it is. So glad you're not changing it up!

  4. I think of that all the time. I am all over the place. Do I want to write? Give tips on raising kids with humor? THrift store shop? Aaaah... I will just be everywhere.

  5. Nice post, thanks for sharing your insights.


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