Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now I am so happy . . .

So I was totally planning on waiting until I was done with this room to even start talking about it, but I am so flippin excited right now I just can't wait. In fact:

'cause I couldn't help myself! I was totally doing this when I was DONE SANDING!

"let me splain. No there is too much. Let me sum up"
I've talked about my living room walls before. I've gotten more comments on them than anything else. . .usually along the lines of "so when your kids misbehave, do you just rub their faces along the walls?" Yah. Not so fun. But whatever, I was living with it.

Then I gave birth to this beautiful amazing girl. Who will learn to walk in this room. Which involves lots of falling, against these awful pointy walls (a full 1/4 inch in some places!).

Not so good. I started brainstorming - do I just put up new drywall on top of it? Should I try to build it out with spackle or something until it's smoothish?

Then, while perusing A Soft Place to Land's DIY Day (one of my favorite things each week), I came across a bathroom remodel (which of course I can't find the link for!). *(updated 1/1/11 I found it! check it out here )She talked about using a sander to take off the nasty texture on her walls. Total light bulb moment. I had a sander. I could do this!

So I put the idea forth to Hubby.

*Quick quiz time!*

Did he say:
A) What a marvelous idea, I'll do the whole thing for you!
B) Umm, I guess if you think it will work you can try it.
or C) I do not think that will work at all, and you're going to end up ruining the walls and it will take hundreds of dollars just to repair the damage.

Unfortunately, his answer was C. In his defence, he was 1. not even in the state, 2. very tired after a long day of flying, and 3. rather concerned that I was going to hurt myself in this process. I finally talked him into response B, and off I went.

NINETEEN hours later, I was done. Yes, 19!! I went through EIGHTY -THREE 1/4 sheets of 60 grit paper. I wore clear through the foam pad on my sander and had to figure out how to replace it. One nap time at a time I sanded. And sanded. AND SANDED. For almost 2 months.

The worst part - the dust.

OH the DUST.

Everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere in my whole house has been this fine layer of dust. Really the work wasn't hard. My shoulders have been very stiff at times, but I just wanted this stupid thing done so I could clean my entire house from the dust.

So, here's a nice view of that texture before:

And the room (ok, so this is in the middle - I'm lousy at remembering the before pictures!)

And now after:

And just for giggles, here's my very fetching sanding get up:
So, now I've got to figure out what color to paint. I was originally going to do a different shade of tan, but my sister basically called me a wimp, and said I should pick a color. Any ideas? I need something to go with my maroon couch. . . But I really don't know what to pick. I'm already planning on blue for 3 other rooms, so probably something different!

Now I'm off to clean every single surface in my entire house. . . .


  1. Wow! You go, girl! What an undertaking. 19 hours? I'm pretty sure I would have given up by then. Then again, it seems you were always the one to bail me out and take over when I wou get discouraged on projects. I'm excited to see how you paint it. By the way, I think a bright cheerful yellow would be fun!

  2. First of all, I LOVE that I just got to watch Balchy Bartokomouse (uh...sp?) and Larry App-la-ton do the dance of joy. Best thing EVER on any blog post.

    Second, I'm totally impressed that you kept at this project through 83 pieces of sandpaper. Yikes. Amazing.

    Third, I am a total wuss about colors too. We've lived in our current house for 3.5 years now and have only painted one room. And that was the basement bedroom that we finished before the twins were born. All the other walls in our house are... (wait for it)... White. Plain old bland ugly white. Terrible.

    We have a maroon couch in our family room too, so when you find a color that looks good, let me know. ;) I have no idea. Maybe a 1/2 and 1/2 chocolate on the bottom and a lighter color on top? Maybe?

    See. This is why I have white walls. Good luck!

  3. Laree! This post made me happy. I love your character. And I love you. So... as far as colors go... I'm thinking a green. Something similar to one of the greens on the plaid-y background on your blog. That's my vote!

  4. Not only am I glad that you entered my giveaway, I love that you complimented my outfit!!:) I actually just bought it this week at TJ Maxx. Isn't the ruffled crop jacket too cute? The brand is Last Kiss and they had them in olive, black & white with the shirts. The top is just a sleveless one I found on the clearance rack. Hope that helps!:)

  5. I love that my once stubborn "you won't change my mind daughter has become a stubborn "I won't let this beat me woman" ( with a lot of other good qualities thrown in. What a sense of accomplishment you must have. You should enjoy whatever color you want.

  6. I'm back and reading blogs within 2 hours of pulling into my driveway!

    So, have you bought paint? Want some help?

    Love you! (fun post!)

  7. I love your ensemble. I have an entire wardrobe of those types of looks and a wear them all the time. (sometimes I feel bad when my husband comes home to me still in my paint splattered pj's, but if it means i can get something done during the day... and be comfortable, so be it!)

  8. Oh yes, the horrible sandpaper walls. My friend use to joke about my walls saying she could shave her legs on them. :)

    Sanding is no fun but so worth the effort. Your walls are looking better already! And thanks for the link back as well.

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths


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