Monday, July 6, 2009

My Boys

We've had an awesome weekend. The 4th was fantastic (even if it did rain all morning and my kids are still asking if we can go to the parade yet), and Buddy's birthday on Sunday was a blast. Loosing 1/2 the pictures from that night . . . not so great. Fortunately Hubby is obsessed with the video camera, so I'm hoping I can swipe some stills off that.

I'm taking this free photo editing class over at Jessica Sprague. This was our first assignment.

I really like the shot and the frame. After much trial and error, I changed the colors of the word art. Not perfect, but better than black!

Oh, and for some strange reason, the missing 1/2 of Buddy's birthday pictures: suddenly appeared on my computer today. Hooray! So many cute shots!


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