Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did my girl have a lobotomy?

'cause I swear she's a completely different girl since we moved.

Maybe this needs some background information. You see, Girly-Lou is a wimp. That's not the nicest thing to say about your stinkin cute daughter, but it's also the truth. The first thing she was ever terrified of- bubbles. Now, granted, she was only 10 months old, but still, what kid is scared of blowing bubbles. She has a very hard time with perseverance, and in all honestly, most days would make a perfect queen. To be able to sit there and have every whim granted by servants so she never had to lift a finger - yah, she's all over that.

Other things she has been scared/terrified of:
the vacuum
skunks (not that she's ever actually seen a real one)
new shoes
anyone with a beard
any stranger
any family member she hasn't seen in more than 2 days
anything that can move on its own, especially if it has 4 or more legs, including on occasion, crawling babies.

You can see some of these are normal things. But others (new shoes anyone?), not so much.

Which would be why I was totally shocked when this happened:

That would be my scared-of-babies daughter holding a hermit crab. She was in heaven. No fear whatsoever. Let him crawl all over her and just sat there with that satisfied smile on her face. Buddy was fascinated, but was not going to touch that thing with a 10 foot pole.

And then last night, when I thought they were asleep, she comes downstairs holding something between two fingers. "Mom, this was in my hair." Me, thinking it was a rock or a leaf or something said, "what is it". "Um, I don't know", as she shoves it in my face. It was totally a bug. Some flattish brown kind the size of my fingernail that I've never seen before. And the legs were still moving. No fear at all, just calmly showing me this bug that was sleeping with her.

Maybe I can grow a spider smasher yet.


  1. Okay, the first thing I thought was that the little leg still moving bug had to be a tick, but then I reread, "the size of my fingernail" and well, that would be one heck of a big tick! They do like to hide in your hair though, so could be.

    I have a wimpy kid too. I'm always surprised when he jumps right into things, cause it doesn't happen too often.

  2. Wow, our beautiful Emma is really growing up. And a wonderful job of it too. It's been lots more than 2 days since we've seen her. She hadn't better be afraid of Grandma & Grandpa. Love to all.

  3. I missed this post! Banana girl just read it out loud to the family. Hilarious!!!

    I think Girlie-lou is going to follow in my footsteps!!! Yup! You remember that with all of my intense phobias as a child, Mom seriously doubted that I would grow up to be a functioning member of society!! But, here I am, fairly sane and somewhat normal!!

    I really was impressed with the hermit crab thing! Very brave! He was creepy!


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