Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awe. Just Awe

How does it happen so fast? Everyone talks about it, but there is nothing like experiencing it. Just a few moments ago:

huge yawns in Daddy's arms.
And now:

Ready to cut his own birthday pizza (Come on, I'm not THAT lax of a parent. But he does love to "help" cook, and sitting there holding the cutter was making him happy.)

On Sunday, Buddy turned 3. My baby boy is 3! He also has recently finished another growth spurt, so suddenly this adult proportioned childling is running all over my house. So in honor of my the memories of my no longer baby, I now turn really mushy and doting parentish. (if you'd rather stop reading now, I won't blame you).

Buddy: what a cuddly baby you were. Snuggling with you in the crook of my neck was one of my favorite things ever. While the colic was not much fun, we found a solution to that without too much stress (for anyone still reading, really, it worked wonders!).

I remember telling people at 2 months that we were done with burp clothes. That's because we'd moved on to dish towels. The amount of stuff that came out of you was awe inspiring. And yet, through it all, you were so happy, content to just be alive.

When I found out I was having a boy in July, I planned on just starting you in school a year late. I want my kids to be ready for school instead of pushing them. And then you turned 18 months old and actually started talking. The ideas coming from your mouth made it clear your brain had been very active for a long time. I really don't want to brag about how smart you are, so let's just say that I think you might still be bored even if we start you on time!

My favorite words: upse di down (upside down), Nilk (milk), thnmile, thnow, thmoke, thnack (smile, snow, smoke, snack, s is also a nasal), Bwwwwwue, bawwwwwooon (buzz lips on l), ellemon (11), inside outside (inside out), elem (the letter L). I think your blue is everyone's favorite word. The most amazing part to me is how fast you can say it.

I love your smiles. I love your giggles. I love your ability to crumple your entire body in despair when I tell you you can't have something. Your crazy energy, your beautiful dimple, your tendency to hide all throughout nursery.

Just one thing: stop growing already! My little man, you need to stay a child longer. I'm not ready to give you up yet! Too bad you couldn't stop even if you wanted to. So instead I'll just look back at the hundreds of pictures we've taken, and remember all the wonderful times with my Buddy Boy.


  1. That was pretty sweet! I would agree that I love his blue word!!

  2. My MayDay will be three on October, and he's so big now that I'm pretty glad we'll have another baby soon after that to fill the tininess need.

    I love almost-3 words. In fact, some of the ones MayDay says are so funny that I'm thinking about taking a video and turning it into a quiz on a blog post. Can YOU figure out what he's saying? Up until a couple of months ago, G-Dog, who never has a hard time understanding his little brother, would act as our interpreter!

  3. That was beautifully put my sis!!!! All the mom love rolled into one post! (I could feel it!)

  4. I wish I'd been that kind of mom. When I look back now I can't remember so many of the details that I loved about raising my wonderful children. I do remember it was the best kind of life I could ever want. Way to make your memories last. Love you all so much!!!!!


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