Friday, July 10, 2009

I really hate locks

Can I just say, I really love my house? It’s old, but has been (mostly) updated very nicely. The basement is gorgeous, nice landscaping, decent layout,. . .I really do like it.
I really love the new vinyl windows. They don’t leak, slide easy, and have these tabs so you can’t break into the house.

Of course, being locked out isn’t the best way to figure that part out. It’s also not the best time to find out that your side door has a different key than your front door.

We had such an adventure today. Finally found a park WITH playground equipment (tried two on Tuesday that didn’t!), got lost trying to buy more yarn (did you notice the new afghan picture?), and finally arrived back home, all three of us tired and hungry and cranky.

We don’t park in the garage yet. The previous owners used it as their personal smoking room. So we always go in the front door. The only problem is our beautiful rock solid storm door - complete with lock that my kids love to play with. Unbeknownst to me, Buddy had locked the storm door. And of course there is no key to that door. So I walked around the back of the house, through the garage to the side door. Where I discovered that wonderful other key tidbit. So now here I am, with 16 skeins of yarn in my arms, two hungry tired kids, and no way to get into the house.

So I got to play cat burglar. I did remember the tab thing with the windows. But I also remembered that there was one that stuck closed. I made the kids sit down (I really didn’t want to chase them out of the street at this point), and went hacking through our “jungle of plants”.

I was very lucky. It was surprisingly easy to open that window. Too easy, really. I think I better start locking it. I hoisted in Girly-Lou and Buddy, and got them to unlock the front door. (4 year olds are not the best and understanding which knob to turn to unlock doors. Describing it to her through the door took a very, VERY long time)

So now I think I might take that stupid lock off the stupid storm door. I don’t see an occasion in the next million years that I will actually wish I had it, and that way I know for sure my kids will stop turning it. My other option would be constant time outs, and I just don’t have the energy for that one.

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