Monday, July 28, 2014

down again

Loss this week: -1.1

Total lost: 13 lbs

It's been 5 weeks now since I started this adventure.  13 pounds in 5 weeks - not too shabby.  To make my impossible goal, I need to average 1.75 each week for the next 21 weeks.  That's not impossible, but it sure is improbable!

I know this week was a slightly smaller loss than before.  But there's a good reason for that . . . apparently my scale says I'm heavier than my mom's!  Which really means that my first loss on vacation was less than I thought, and this one is probably more than it says, and in reality I didn't start this whole process as heavy as I thought.  But I'm here now, and we're just going with my scale for here on out.

I was again amazed at the difference of the days I remember to pray (frequent, fervent prayers) vs the days that I don't think about it.  He only helps when I ask - so why do I forget to ask more!

This week, my hardest thing was traveling (again), and loosing my points calculator.  Man, that was a huge one!  But I should get it back in a few weeks, so at least that won't last too long.

I was gone for two weeks.  In those two weeks, I lost almost 5 of my 13 pounds.  Yesterday was the first time I've seen anyone, so at first, I wondered if anyone would be able to tell.  I feel so much better in my clothes now (they are starting to be super loose!)  But then I realized that it just wasn't very likely. I could see a difference, but I doubted anyone else would.

But someone did!  Only one person, and it was at the end of church, but I can not express how much that meant to me.  It feels fabulous to have someone else notice your changes. My weight is down to where I was before I got pregnant with Jelly Bean.  This is awesome!

Next week, I want my loss to be obvious to everyone.  Don't know if that will happen, but that would be amazing! 


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