Monday, July 14, 2014

and traveling is hard too

Loss this week: -2.1(ish)

Total lost: 9.5 lbs

So last week I talked about how my silly hormone pills are super hard to loose weight with.  But I recommitted myself, and prayed a LOT and things went MUCH better this week.

At least for the first half of the week.

And then I jumped on a plane with my kids and have been busy playing and chatting and laughing . . . and eating with family and friends.

When I'm trying to loose weight, I don't really like to broadcast it to every single person I meet. (except for the fact when I put it on my public blog hah!) So it's hard when family provides dessert with all three meals, or makes something you know will be not super healthy, or you decide to splurge and take your cute sister and clan out for lunch.

But hey - I'm down more than two pounds this week. I'm not complaing at all about that!

*two pounds ish.  I'm not exactly sure how accurate my scale at home is compared to my mom's.  So it's a slight estimate for my total stuff.  But taking my starting weight at home and subtracting my current weight at my folks house gives me that number.  We'll see when I get back home in a couple of weeks how close I was!  Also, apparently my ticker on the side bar rounds up, so that's why it says 10 this week instead of 9.5!

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  1. So... not having internet, I totally forgot about blogs. Hence the being behind. Keep going, lady! I could see a difference when I saw you, so you are doing great! (And thanks againg for taking me and my clan out to eat!)


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