Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wish I had a good title to put here . . . !

But I don't.

Last Friday, I painted my kitchen. I'm in love with the color. But you don't get any pictures.

Nope. That would require cleaning my kitchen.  And I'm apparently incapable of doing so right now.

Actually, I kind of am. You see, I have this crazy cold. My head feels like the size of a watermelon, my nose is raw from blowing, and any physical exertion causes window shaking coughs to emerge from my scratchy throat and scare my children.

Not so fun around here.  But my kitchen is pretty - and I'll eventually show you. For now, just so you know I'm doing more than taking 3 hour naps (yes, I've been doing that also!), here's what I've been working on:

(See, sewing is not NEARLY as aerobic as sweeping or doing dishes. Much more my current speed!) 

Buddy's quilt is almost done! Now I just need to figure out what the back is going to be, do all the quilting, and binding, and all that jazz. Then he'll just start bugging me even more for when his room will be finished. Someday little guy. Some day!


  1. the quilt looks beautiful sis... great job!!!

  2. I think sewing when you feel lousy instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself is a great choice. The kitchen will get cleaned another day, and we will all be so glad to see the new paint job.

  3. Adorable!!! Gotta get to your house and see the kitchen!


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