Monday, April 4, 2011


Just typing at 300 words a minute, which means 12 billion mistakes, to relieve my stress and frustration that my Hubby updated our browser AGAIN and now it's completely different, and I can't find anything, and everything is moved around and stressing me out and I really don't want to bother learning a new system, but he insists that every single update is better, so we have to update as soon as it's announced.

I know there are real problems in the world. But the fact that I just spent TWICE as long to check my bank account because I can't find the tabs anymore is seriously BUGGING ME!!

AND my baby threw up tonight.

AND I've got a headache from having my pupils dilated all day long.

AND I got almost no sleep last night.

AND my alarm clock didn't' go off today.

AND . . . Ok, I'll shut up now. Complaining won't make it better!


  1. Sometimes complaining DOES make it better. It gets all those annoying feelings out so you can focus on the good things!

  2. I get annoyed by browser updates sometimes too. My husband is trying to talk me into using Google Chrome but I just can't give up Firefox. My parents are still stuck on Internet Explorer and I can't tell you how long it took for me to convince them to switch from Netscape to IE. And then the updates for each browser make impossible to ever feel totally settled with a browser.

  3. Love you and you can rant whenever you want!

  4. Complaining won't make it better, but it does make you feel better. I'm sure of it.


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