Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Days

Growing up, I had one of the funnest moms EVER.* She was a Mom that truly thought nothing was better than being with her kids. She was always so frustrated when August hit, because she knew we'd be going back to schools soon, and we hadn't played enough yet!

I want to be that Mom. I want my kids to look back and think that I was fun to be around, that I loved being with them more than anything, that I looked forward to spending time with them.

Yesterday was a Snow Day. If I could do that cool cross out thingy, I'd change that to say Ice day. Really, calling them Snow days is just silly, because school is rarely canceled for just snow. No, it’s canceled by the crazy ice that ends up EVERYWHERE. So crazy slippery that I couldn’t even get into my driveway. And if you’ve been to my house, that’s saying something. I think my driveway is about a 2% slope - it’s nothing!

Anyway. Girly-Lou is a bit . . . um, well obsessed with school. As in, it kills her she can’t go every Saturday too. So when I found out that school was canceled, I was a bit worried that she wasn’t going to cope so well with this fact. So I wanted to make this day extra special. Especially with it being Christmas time. Hubby didn't go to work (can't take off with that much ice anyway), Girly-Lou didn't have school, the boys I watch weren't there. It was just my little family of 5, and a day full of relaxing fun.

So what did we do for extra coolness?

We made doughnut balls. The recipe is from Lion House Desserts. I was planning on posting the recipe, but then I started worrying about copyright issues. The problem is, the book is also out of print. Can you put out of print recipes online? Hmm. Well, if any of you are fluent in copyright laws, and it'd be legal, let me know and I'll post it. Until then, you just get some pictures!

The recipe is easy to follow. Just dump 7 ingredients in a bowl and mix. Then heat some oil, drop the dough in, and let it fry.

After they cool, dump some powdered sugar in a bag with 4 or 5 balls. Seal tightly and watch your kids have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun.

(did you know how hard it is to get a shot of your kids shaking like crazy? most of them end up like this:)

The recipe said to drop by tablespoonfuls. Either my tablespoons were too big, or my oil too hot, because after all was said and done, they were not fully cooked. But actually, I think they were better that way. I just pretended they were custard filled, and failed to tell Hubby they had eggs in them. It's no worse than eating raw cookie dough, which I do all the time, was raised on, and am happily raising my kids to do the same. Hubby on the other hand, has issues with this idea. This was totally a time of what he doesn't know isn't going to kill him, and we can both be happy!

Seriously, I want to post this recipe. These things are just too good. Or maybe I shouldn't (I'm down another pound this week!) It's not like we need more good recipes at Christmas time is it!

*so that asterisk was so long ago, I bet you all forgot about it. But along with the funnest mom, we were raised by the meanest dad. Ask him. He'll tell you. You have no idea just how grateful I am for this combination. I learned so much because my dad wasn't about to let me slide. We had consequences for our actions. And lots of fun too.


  1. I'm pretty sure you'd be okay to post the recipe as long as you cite that it's their recipe, not yours. Besides, I want to make these!!

  2. You do have the world's funnest mom! I love this post, it reminds me exactly of what I want to be as a mommy too. And those treats are looking really tasty!

  3. What cuties! I am glad you were able to have a fun day all together!

  4. I don't know about being the funnest mom, but I do know I HAD the most fun with my wonderful kiddles. So glad you're making such great memories.

  5. I just have to agree to the funnest mom thing. She totally rocks my knee-highs.

  6. You, my dear, are THAT mom! I love living by you!

  7. I want to be that kind of mom too!


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