Friday, December 10, 2010

Creative Christmas Cards

Some days alliteration just makes me happy.

Not quite a year ago, I subscribed to Kids Craft Weekly. It's an email newsletter, written by a woman that has the best rainy day activities ever. She can come up with more fun things to do with pipe cleaners and glue that I could in a year. Not that we've done many of the activities, but it's been fun to get some new ideas.

A month ago, she announced it was time to sign up for the 3rd annual Christmas Card exchange. I was intrigued. After looking into it a bit more, I totally signed up my kiddos.

Basically, you agree to make and mail 10 Christmas cards. In return, you get 10 Christmas cards yourself. The really cool thing, is this is from all over the world. Out of the 10 on our list, only 5 are stateside. The others are in Australia and India!

Last Monday I gathered all our construction paper, glue, stamps, glitter, and markers, and we got creative. Most of the ideas I came up with, but the execution was all the kids (and Hubby)

Here's the results:

(could someone please explain why some days Blogger insists on turning pictures?)

Buddy was in LOVE with the idea of snowmen (he made two of these). The little circles are from a hole punch.

Tearing up paper - soooo right up my kids' alley!

Hubby got very artistic with his:

On the inside is just a little message about our family, and wishing the recipients a Merry Christmas. I think we might have created a new Christmas tradition!

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  1. What a great cradition. Can't wait to see or hear what you get back. Love you all so much!


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