Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things I’ve learned in the last few weeks.

*My son’s coat is really slippery.
*When we have all the jackets and coats on our door hanger, they all fall off.
*Having slippery coats at the top of your stairs is not a great idea.
*Trying to walk down the stairs in the dark is also not such a great idea.
*Sliding down a full flight of stairs is not as fun as when I was 4 and did it on purpose.
*And it results in a really nasty bruise all over your behind.
*I cry a lot when I’m pregnant.
*Being at the point where I have doctor appointments every 2 weeks can be a blessing, especially if you don’t feel your baby for 7 hours after falling down the stairs.
*I’m in love with medical technology.
*Unborn babies, just like the real ones, magically stop having any problems once you get to the doctor.
*According to the old wives tale about heart beats, I’m having a girl (!!!)
*The old wives tale is only 50% accurate - same as anything else :(
*Bruised behinds and squats are not compatible.
*Even when you’re married and a mommy yourself, nothing feels better on a hard day that to have your Mommy give you a big hug.
*That spending 6 hours in the car will make your bruised behind hurt again.
*That my dad is the best grandpa ever.
*If both you and your hubby don’t get home until 4:00 Christmas eve, trying to cram the dozen or so traditions into those 4 hours will make everyone cranky.
*That all your hard work can be worth it when you see your daughter twirling around in her “tattoo”, so happy because Santa remembered to bring a doll - and that doll even has a “tattoo” too!
*That my girl comes up with really strange names (her doll has been dubbed “pink smells flowers and roses”, and yes, she actually uses the whole name each time. I think she needs a nickname!)
*That every single thing in a stocking makes my kids happy - even the 10th roll of smarties.
*That after 6 years of Christmases together, when your hubby finally gives a very thoughtful gift it will make me cry.
*That my hubby really is just cute.
*And he’s capable of being really truly thoughtful when he wants to be.
*That slowing down and not stressing if Christmas is perfect helps it to be much more perfect.
*That falling down a flight of stairs will make your hubby paranoid about you walking anywhere.
*That if my hubby is paranoid, he’s a lot better at remembering to offer to help, follow through with the offers, and even do things without being asked.
* That I”m officially bigger front to back than side to side so turning doesn’t make it easier to fit in a small space.
*That the latch on our shower is really poky.
*That a poky latch leaves a nasty belly scratch that can hurt like the dickens.
*That getting a scratch from your shower makes you feel really really stupid.
*That at 8 months, if I’m absolutely beat every day by 4:00, I’m trying to do to much.
*That maybe I need to learn to not try to do everything myself.
*That I’m surrounded by love, joy, and peace, I just need to recognize it.
*That life is just plain good.

What have you learned recently?

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  1. I've learned that if you can't be with all your family at Christmas, being with some is great substitute too.


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