Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun little kid bag tute

Today, in an effort to actually be able to save my scrapbook (kind of an important step!) I was dejunking our hard drive. (man I wish I could just spring for my own computer!). I found these pictures to make cute little bags for your kids. I really thought I'd already posted this tute, but I couldn't find it on my blog, so I guess I never did!

Supplies: one sheet of stiff felt (from your favorite craft store) - I think it's about 11 x 17 inches, but I honestly don't remember any more! I know I found mine at Hobby Lobby for something like 80 cents
permanent marker
sewing machine

Ok, please remember that I did this LAST November, so the exact details are going to be a bit fuzzy!

The bag is sewn with the seams on the outside (since felt doesn't fray, and it's cute that way!), with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step One: If you like patterns, make one out of paper. (for me this means a bit less measuring)
My measurements:
handles: 1" x the width of the felt (11inches?)
Front and back: 6.25"x7"
Side panels: 3.25" x 7"
bottom: 6.25" x 3.25"
I cut the handles out first, and then arranged the rest of it like this:

If your felt is different, just adjust accordingly!
cut everything out:

Step 2: If you want something cute on the front, draw it on with the marker.

Step 3: Attach the handles to the front and back. I like to do an "x" and then a square around it for a bit extra stability. THIS IS ON THE OUTSIDE of the bag.

Step 4: with a 1/4 inch seam, sew the bottom to both sides.

so it looks like this:

Step 5: Now sew the front and back to the bottom:

Step 6: Sew the sides to the front and back. This step is a bit tricky at the corners, but just keep working with it, it really will work! Trim all the extra strings.

And Ta Da! a cute little bag, just the perfect size for church, for 79 cents and 20 minutes of your time.


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