Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random ramblings

I feel like it's been ages since I posted anything. In reality, it's been a week and a half. But my sense of time is a bit skewed. (19 days - just 19 more days!). It feels so strange that it's a new year, but I really don't have any resolutions to make. Nothing formal, not really anything informal. I'm not trying to loose weight (for 19 more days any way), or get super organized, or write a novel or anything people normally resolve to do. Everything in my life is centered around this little one that's about to make a debut (19 days!). But I'm not obsessing (did I mention it's only 19 more days?). Really.

As part of that whole not obsessing about the baby thing, I did not do a thing to set up the nursery until about a week ago. I had this theory that if I didn't prepare, then the baby wouldn't come super early (hooray! we passed the preemie Girly-Lou point!). But now that we're down to less than a month, I started panicking a bit. I do tend to prepare super early (crocheting Christmas presents in January sound familiar?), and felt I better get a move on.

So cleaned out our storage bedroom, dejunked the kids clothes, set up the pack 'n play, and started planning. There are so many thing to buy that I really hadn't thought about. Like a dresser. Um yah, place to actually put all those stinkin' cute clothes might be nice. And a chair. A place to sit to feed the baby in the middle of the night is also a good idea. I'm really into the idea of reusing stuff (aka just plain cheap), I've been scouring Craigslist for some great deals. Totally scored on the chair (a $10 wing back!), but bombed on the dresser. We instigated a new plan instead.

I bought a 9 hole cubby thingy. It so pretty and shiny and new (and SERIOUSLY cheaper than buying a new dresser!) We've needed some major organization for all the toys at our house (Hubby has been saying for 5 years that he just needs a snow shovel to clean them all up.) So the plan is to use it as a dresser until I find something better, at which point it will become toy storage. Perfect.

But that brings me to what I've really been obsessed with lately: boxes and bags. The cubby's holes are very empty - they need some adorable fabric boxes to fill up. I found a few on a great sale, but kind of wanted to make my own. So every box that comes my way is getting a major overall. Seriously. The Chex box I emptied yesterday I've already converted into a tiny fabric covered one to keep those tiny socks in. I've got an old wipes box holding all the burp clothes. The bottles are hanging out in a regular cardboard box we received Christmas presents in. That awesome sized box my new exercise ball came in - sitting on my bed awaiting inspiration for the perfect place to be used. Maybe I've caught the New Year's bug after all - I'm certainly into organizational bins right now. Just for really, really cheap instead. (aka I spent $10 on 3 fabric boxes, and haven't spent spent a nickle for anything else.) And now having spent 15 minutes looking for that great picture, I'm even more inspired. Happy Mom, could you save some cereal boxes for me? I know your crew empties them a bit faster than mine, and I now want 6 bajillion cereal boxes worth of these creations!

I'm also obsessing with bags. Mostly diaper bags. I already mentioned that drool worthy one, which I did NOT win. (But I think my in-laws are giving it to me for a happy baby present!). Everywhere I go I find myself drawn to the bags - purses, diaper, tote, anything. And with each one I think "would that be a great diaper bag?" I'm always too cheap to actually buy one, but I'm on the hunt.

Online too. I've bookmarked a dozen different bag tutorials in the last week. I've got all these awesome ones - now I just need to commit to one and buy some fabric!

Elsewhere in my life: I've discovered prenatal yoga. Oh, my muscles were so happy to stretch like that! I've eaten way too much chocolate. And read too many books seriously fast (like the almost 400 page one I read in 3.5 hours last night.) And I'm seriously craving strawberries right now.

And I have less than 3 weeks until I get to meet my baby!


  1. I love your cute boxes! If you lived here, I'd ask you to teach me how. So excited for this new niece or nephew! Love you!

  2. Laree!

    You are great. I love that you are random. I just had to share a moment with you. I was looking on for a synonym for the word Squishy. Yeah.. you should read my newest post. Anyway, they had a word of the day and it is flibbertigibbet. Didn't you used to say that word a lot? It just made me think of you. Love you!

  3. What a happy post! I'm saving boxes! (And you need to teach me this!)

  4. will have to do your own tourtorial of those awesome organizers! Seriously....I would love the details on those cloth covered boxes. Also where did you get your cheap 9 hole cubby thingy? Thanks for the info and inspiration!
    So excited for your new addition!
    Also wanted to let you know you are being thought of a lot...Halie was so bummed that she didn't get to see Emma at Christmas and New Year's this year...we love you guys! Hopefully it won't be too long till we get to see you again!


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