Thursday, March 5, 2009

slow down . . .

Our computer set up is a bit strange. For some odd reason, there is only one phone jack in the whole place - and it's in the kitchen. Since our massive computer desk would not work well in a galley style kitchen, obviously it doesn't work well for internet. So we invested in a wireless router.

But our router has an issue. For some reason it does not play nicely with the phone. If you are on the phone, no internet. Every time. This gets a bit annoying when you're in the middle of something and someone calls. But it's doable.

This morning I was checking out Momformation. Like usual, I had about 8 tabs open with different posts. My usual method is to open all the ones I want, then read and comment to my heart's content. In the middle of this, my hubby had a phone call. No biggie, I just typed up the comments, but didn't post them until he was done.

After his call, I had 3 comments ready to post. I re-connected to the internet, and started clicking. The second one came up with an error message. It said "You are posting too many comments too fast. Slow down."

Slow down. Really? It was kind of funny, but more than that, it really felt like a message to me. I try to do WAY too many things at the same time. And I don't do well with waiting. Patience is not my favorite virtue. I want things done my way, RIGHT NOW! But slowing down is a great idea. How often do I rush my kids through things, just to be done, when the process is their favorite part. Am I teaching my kids that results are all that matters? Or do I take the opportunity to help them find joy in the journey? How often to I take the time to "Be Still."

Wow. Who knew the tenor of my day would be set my an error message? But it is. Today is my day to. Just. Slow. Down.`


  1. Momfo has given me that problem too and my husband is an IT wizard so I shouldn't have the problem of spotty access. I know I hate to have to rewrite my comments though. :-)

  2. You are a good mom!!! I've ALWAYS been way too results driven. It's such good advice!!

  3. That happened to me the other day, but I was away too long and forgot what I wanted to say!

  4. Well, given I write at Momfo, I can't say that's exactly a problem. Ahem...

    Kidding. I get it, and I'm trying so hard to do that. I was just thinking tonight, "When was the last time I really cuddled with the kids in my bed?" Okay, it was yesterday, but today? Too much running.

    Anyway, nice post. Beautifully written. And thank you for your comments at BabyCenter. They do mean a lot to us.



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