Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Survive a day without water

1. (4 days before) Get notice of water shut off. Be grateful the complex at least told you this time instead of the 27 other times they've turned off the water with out notifying you.

2. (night before) Fill every pitcher in the house with water. Plan out something to do away from the apartment for the day.

3. (Day of). Fill up all the tubs in the house so you can at least flush the toilet while the water is off. Go for a run to relax a little.

4. Come back from run. Shower crazy fast before the water is off.

5. Realize the tub plugs leak, and now there's no water to flush toilets with.

6. Leave the house so you can use other bathrooms. Go to hospital to get your blood drawn (with your kids, no less). Get to take the stairs because elevators are broken.

7. Try to stay busy. Go to the library as a family. Get slightly frustrated when you're back in the car and it's only 11:15. Feel rather depressed that you can't just go play all day long due to lack of funds. Wish really hard (very important step) that you had enough money to go out to eat or something fun. Go home.

8. Make sandwiches for lunch (since it doesn't require any water). Be a little frustrated that all you have is PB&J.

9. Put kids down for naps. Try to check email and stuff. Have your daughter decide she would rather watch a movie. Grumble that your dvd player died last week, so all movies must be watched on the computer. Go crochet instead.

10. Have your hubby go get the mail.

11. Stare in shock at the refund check that came for the dvd player that broke almost a year ago and has now FINALLY come.

12.Feel your soul rejoice that you can actually go do something fun. Gather the family up in the car, deposit the check, and go find a electronics store.

13. Find a decent dvd/vcr combo that's still cheaper than the old one. Get very excited that you can actually watch your vhs again.

14. Realize that there's enough money to still go out to eat for dinner.

15. Go find somewhere nice, that you can actually sit down and eat. Marvel that your kids are actually old enough to enjoy dinner with. Completely relax in an enjoyable atmosphere.

16. Check the time. Decide to go to the park to help this joyful family togetherness linger longer.

17. Head home. Water should be on at this point. Count your blessings that you have one of the greatest families ever.

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