Monday, October 13, 2008

My name

So I've always loved my name. Laree. It's different. It's unique. People have either never heard of it, or they had a great Aunt with the same name (apparently it was pseudo popular around 1910). People either instantly remember it because they've never heard it, or they can NEVER remember it because they've never heard of it. In fact, you are probably saying it wrong in your head (if you want to know, it's La Ree to say it right)

My problem with my name - I've always wanted a cool nickname.

Ok, maybe not a "cool" one, but just a good one. Something easy, something simple. Like my friend Emily, who would go by Em, or Katie becomes Kate. But try to shorten my name - La. Oh yah. That's great (not!). Or even Ree (um, no.) And did you ever do the name game song? Try it with mine. Laree Ba dee, Fe Fi Fo Fee, Me My Mo Mee. It's like it's missing a syllable or two.

Oh the trauma of life.
I know, I should be worried about real problems - death, taxes, and all that jazz. Don't worry, I am. But right now the whole name thing is bugging me. I can come up with silly nicknames for my kids (my girl will now be known as girly-Lou-who, my boy has to be Buddy, my hubby gets to be . . .Hubby), but I try to come up with something fun and anonymous for myself and get crickets. Try a few options, more crickets. Nothing. Creativity has fled the building (did you hear the one about creativity being like Elvis - often talked about, dreamed about, occasionally sited, but never in reality?)

So, instead of being all cool like that, you just get me. Laree. Fe fi fo fee. Let's see if you can remember that one.


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