Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween fun

When my daughter was 2, her older cousin handed -me-down (is that a verb?) a set of pumpkin sweats. My girl wore them for about 18 months, and then we passed it down to my son. He just outgrew the set, and both of them have been asking for pumpkin shirts for over a month now.

A few weeks ago, we got the October issue of Family Fun, where on the cover, they made pumpkin shirts! I finally got around to buying fabric dye this morning and here's the result:

Girly-Lou-Who showing hers off:

Then Buddy wanted in on the action:

(Shh . . .don't tell anyone. It wasn't until after I got them dyed that I realized I had grabbed a girl's shirt for my Buddy. But he'll never know the difference, right?)

Very fun to do. Here's a link for the instructions:


I wanted to just do just one large pumpkin face in the middle, but foolishly let them pick -they picked the much more labor intensive little faces. So don't let them pick, just tell them what you're doing!

I got shirts the shirts that have the silk screened tags, and the dye didn't work very well on that part, so they have white streaks on the back where the tag is. Just FYI!


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