Monday, September 8, 2014


First off: apparently I never posted last week. Sorry for that!  Long story short, I was up and it was awful.

So here's this week:

Loss this week: -1.5
Total lost: 17.4

I've been feeling really down about this whole thing.  The last month I've been . . . let's just say I haven't been as dedicated with my food choices.  And the scale has shown that too.   And I felt like there was just no way I could ever make this goal.  I really kind of lost my faith in this miracle.

But I had a discussion with a friend.  And I realized, I'm not that behind.  I need to be down 25 pounds by my three month mark.   That's much more reasonable - I can do that!  and remember, this is a MIRACLE I'm asking for.  Literally.  So even if I doubt my own ability, I don't CAN'T doubt His ability.

So with all that, I've recommitted myself.  I can do this.  I will pray more.  I will exercise more (ooh, I just got a new treadmill, for free, and it's AWESOME!!  I've totally run more in the last week than I  had in the last 4 months!)  And He will help me for this.

(but I'm kind of worried, I just lost another point in my daily total.  Eep!  But no, I CAN DO THIS!!!)


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