Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh that felt good!

Loss this week: -1.8
Total lost: 19.2


(sorry for the shouting, but wow I'm super excited about that number!)

That is a beautiful number.  An amazing number.  I'm in love with that number.

And what's more . . . I'm wearing a pair of size 16 jeans right now - and I don't look like a stuffed sausage!  I'm down a pant size!

(now, I'd feel a lot more comfortable in them if I was down another 5, but hey, give me a couple of weeks and I'll be there!)

I am slightly worried about the time line. Next week will be my 3 month mark (half way there!), but I'm not half way loss wise.  But hey, I'm awesome, this is awesome, maybe I can have a mini miracle and loose 6 pounds this week.  But if not . . .  I'm STILL DOWN 19 POUNDS!!!!!

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