Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favorite party

So my last post (where I was crazy!) I talked about filling those baskets with pretties.
Here’s the follow up.

Several months ago, one of my favorite blogs threw a Favorite Things party.  It’s kind of like when Oprah would have her insane giveaways, only for normal people.

I fell in love with the idea.  I’ve had it in the back of my head ever since, just wondering how to make it work.

Then, all of a sudden, I realized I needed to do it LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! Before school gets out for the year and before I have to worry about a little baby around the house!
So I made a list (and checked it twice!).  I sent out an email invite through (LOVE that site!).  And then I re-explained it to pretty much every single person I invited!  Here’s my quick explanation for it.
“please bring 5 of your favorite thing to share with everyone else.  I’m also putting a price cap on it of $10 each item – but if your favorite thing is costs a quarter that’s AWESOME!!!”
The idea is that we each get to find new favorite things – and actually go home with our own goodie bags!  Adults NEVER get goodie bags!

My next problem was what on earth I was going to give! I finally decided to give one of my favorite books.  I hopped on (another GREAT place!), and found 4 hardback copies of Wildwood Dancing (a retelling of 12 dancing princesses) for a buck each! (ok, so there was also a couple more bucks for shipping, but still!) Perfect!  I placed them all in my cart and was good to go.

That is, until I got the confirmation emails the next day.  They all said expect to ship in 7-14 days . . . except for the one that said shipping can take up to a MONTH!!!?!?!?!??!  What! I only had 9 days before the party. If it was my idea to have this thing, then I think I better have something to give everyone else!
Which is why I had to get those silly baskets made. I really do love how they turned out, but boy, talk about crazy!
Fortunately, the night before the party the books arrived. It was cutting it close, but at least they made it!
We ended up with only 4 of us there.  My favorite thing was the book. One lady brought flushable wipes (I’ve always wanted to try those!), and the other two both brought foaming hand soap – great minds think alike!
I’m for sure going to have to do this party again!


  1. Sounds like great fun. The books would have been my favorite too.

  2. Great idea! One of these days (read - in a year or two!) I'll have to give it a go and try it out! Fun, fun!


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