Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy things my 2 year old can say


‘Lil’s language is finally taking off. While there is a LONG way to go, she does now talk like your normal 12 month old (only 15 months behind!).  She’s slowly learning to say things like Dada, her sister’s name, and “mil” (milk).


But she says crazy things too.

One of her first words? Yewow.  Really? Yellow?  We’d been working for more than a YEAR to figure out how to ask for food, and she comes up with the hardest color to say first instead?


I just heard her say : aye, eee, eye, ohh, YOU!


Really?  She can’t identify me as Mama (she usually says “Head” or “Hair” when I point to myself – thinking it’s time to go over body parts I suppose).  But she can say all the vowels. Where the heck did she even hear all the vowels in order anyway? That’s not your typical Sesame Street or Blue’s Clues lesson.


“Tae Too” (thank you) is one of the cutest.   Actually, for not being able to communicate, she sure is a polite little thing (when not throwing the biggest fits in the world that is).  She says “tae too” whenever you give her something, or she gives you something. “Pwee”  (please) has been her way to say yes for months now. Just this morning I heard her say “wem”, which I think was your welcome, after she said thank you.  And she’s starting to say “sow” (sorry) when something goes wrong.


Our biggest communication hurdle right now is figuring out just what the heck she is saying. She never EVER has finally consonants. So milk and movie sound the exact same.  So does color and cookie.  It’s still a big guessing game – but she has started to say “No mee” or “No cugh” when you hold up the wrong thing. 


A two word phrase – that’s HUGE people!


Maybe, just MAYBE by the time Jr comes in August, I’ll be able to talk to my daughter.  And oh, how that makes my heart smile!


*and yes, she is just POSTIVIE this seat is for her to eat breakfast in, not for a baby!


  1. Awesome! You should video some talking and post it! Miss you!

  2. So great! It makes me happy, cause I know it will make life much easier for the two of you. Well, that and stories are just fun.

  3. We always knew she was an extremly bright little gal, so why now yellow, and AEIOU. Yey for progress.


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