Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall decorating

. . . I’m just a little late on this one!

I’ve wanted to really decorate my house for fall for months weeks now.  I just haven’t gotten around to actually DOING it. Last week, however, I had a book club at my house. Finally, a reason to get my act together and make it look cute!

I had way too much fun getting everything ready.


First off: food. Do you think I’d waste a good excuse to make super yummy food?


Mmmm – you can almost taste these Oreo truffles!


And a yummy pumpkin roll (thanks, Happy Mom for letting me borrow the plates and platters!)IMG_7411

I’ve wanted to do some kind of tray for my coffee table for quite a while. What’s stopped me, you ask?


Oh yah. I have a 21 month old!  But I did pull one together fast: just a spray painted frame with some fun fabric (hooray for having supplies!), a candle,  SUPER easy wire pumpkins, and of course, dollar store silk leaves.


I don’t have a mantle – but I do have my awesome sofa table.


The runner is a $3 clearance scarf I found a few months ago. I don't get anything new this year for my table (well, except the pumpkins – you have to buy new mini pumpkins!). The dollar store leaves and pumpkins really make it look pulled together (something I’ve NEVER achieved before!)

This ghost I made 10 or so years ago – still looking good!


Pretty candles make my life happy.


And my adorable 2x4 creatures.


I also have my tp pumpkins (made 6 or 7 years ago) up on my bookcase along with a leaf garland I’ve had for 8 or so years too.


And that’s my room! Of course, Halloween is almost over, but still – it looks good for a bit anyway!

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