Monday, September 5, 2011

Pumpkin Roll Winner!

Ready to find out who gets the newest Sadie book?

And who is #2?

It's Paily!
See, the luck finally comes through girl!
Let me know your physical address and I'll send it out when I finally drag myself to the post office!


  1. What the bo-diggity! Mozel Tov! I am now doing a funny little jig. You rock my knee-highs! Thanks, yo!

  2. Hey that first pic is soooo cute of you little toddler!!! I am all about finding the answers, I think daughter #5 my have had a few less school challenges had I know more what to whatch for( you would think being # 5 I might have had it figured out) good luck, I'm sure you will get the info you need! Hugs


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