Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The tale of three blankets" or "Great minds think alike"

Once upon a time, there was a young Mommy eagerly awaiting the arrival of her third child. This mom was blessed with a large, loving family, who wished to give her gifts for her coming child. Wanting the gifts to be of the useful sort, they encouraged her to make a baby registry. So she headed off to the land of the red bulls eye, where she and her two children had way too much fun with the scanner. Because they had decided to remain uninformed of the coming offspring's gender, much things of green were on the list.

A few weeks later, the mommy received a package from her noble brother and sister in law. The parcel was full of very useful, and adorable, items for the coming infant, including a luscious plush green blanket. The mommy was full of joy at the adorableness, and was tempted to use the blanket for herself instead.

A week before the arrival of the joyous child, another package arrived, this time from the mommy's fabulous in-laws. It too was full of wonderful, useful things . . .including a luscious plush green blanket. Slightly confused, the mommy consulted the land of the bulls eye's electronic companion, where she discovered that no one had informed the bulls eye people who the gifts were for. The electronic bulls eye said the mommy still had not received anything from her list. Because there was no way to change this, the mommy shrugged and went on her way.

The blessed day arrived, and the mommy welcomed her little flower into the world. That same day, her sister, who lived in a far off land, consulted the electric bulls eye and purchased some thoughtful gifts to welcome the new child . . .including a luscious plush green blanket. When the package arrived, the mommy was overcome with giggles, feeling much love both from and for her family. For it is always nice to know that others agree with your good ideas, and gift receipts are a joyful invention!

*i just typed a whole post one-handed. I've got some mad feeding skills here people!


  1. My sister in law and I always seem to buy the same gifts... we've learned to consult long before we actually purchase birthday/christmas presents for each other's kids, because inevitably we will end up buying the same thing.

    Hope you keep one of the blankets! Or... keep all three. I sure I wish I had a back up to my Henry's favorite "night night". It's um, it's been through a lot and is SO very dingy!

  2. It's a good things it's a very cute blanket!!

    I'm impressed with the one handed blogging!

  3. One handed blogging... I have issues when I use two hands! You go girl! Love you!

  4. In defense of the "noble brother, etc", we took the printout from the store with us to the cashier, and she supposedly scanned it, so everything we bought should have been credited to your list... At least you now have a blanket you can use yourself, or you can exchange them for whatever we didn't get.


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