Monday, February 8, 2010

Furry Ears and other randomnesses (and a winner!)

Waking up every 2.5 hours all night long produces very random thoughts. I find myself remodeling our house, quoting old movies, noticing strange things about my life and children.

My baby has furry ears. She does! Look:

(You can see it better if you click on the picture to make it full sized). It's not too noticeable, since her hair just covers her ears. But I wonder how long this fur will last. It could lead to some very interesting hair styles as she ages.

And she's a really messy eater:(Anyone else care to join me in a round of "what do you do with a drunken pirate?" No? Just me. Ok, moving on.)

I firmly believe most people take the ability to roll over in their sleep for granted. I know I do. You never notice how important something is until it's taken away from you. Of course, as fast as this recover is, I should be able to roll over soon, but still, it's really a luxury.

Walking around with pants that now fall off is kind of a fun sensation. (the fact that they are your maternity pants because wearing any other kind scares your incision we'll keep quiet about.)

Bread bowls are one of the worlds best inventions. And if it's filled with an amazing fat free creamy chicken noodle soup, life just doesn't get much better.

If you spend hours of energy doing all kinds of crazy things to finally re-establish your almost non-existent milk supply, your baby will sleep all day long. Some women just make lousy milk cows.

Why does your need for batteries triple with every offspring produced?

Why does anyone really care about what goes through my head at 3 am?

Oh, because you want to know who won the book, that's why!

Obviously, asking for just a comment means you guys actually do a contest with me! Wahoo! I decided to get all fancy and do to generate the number (but I can't figure out how to SHOW that random number generator . . .) any who. It's #3. And who is #3?

My cutie sister Leann, who said a whole bunch of stuff, but my favorite part is this" In someways (now don't laugh) but I could see you being somewhat like Sadie when you are older. You love piecing things together with your very logical mind and you do get great cooking urges. "

Are you saying I like to stick my nose into places it doesn't really belong? NO, NEVER ME! (cough). And I'm glad to hear you think my cooking abilities have improved from the days when I dipped Doritos in milk and cheese in frosting (although that last combination is really good . . .)

Anyway, Congrats, Leann!


  1. This just made my day! I don't know if I have ever really won anything let alone something this fun! I am very excited. I meant everything I said and yes your cooking has improved greatly since dorritos in milk. I love you tons!

  2. PS On further inspection of your pictures I had to laugh that you are still using your ingenious mind to do multiple things at the same time. Did you do more than feed Lil' Flower and read at the same time? :D

  3. Yeah for Leann! Yeah for Leann's sisters that live really close and who she will hopefully lend her new winnings to. :) Love you Laree!

  4. My baby has furry ears, too. And fuzzy shoulders! I love it.

    Lil Flower is beautiful. And I hope you're rrally doing as well as you seem to be. (I only say that because I wasn't. Even though I am now.)

  5. I too say yeah for Leann and I will be able to read it too in a few months. I think you had fuzzy ears for a few months too, but everything about a new baby is wondrous to observe.

  6. She's just such a gorgeous baby (have I said that before?)

    Your posts make me happy! And it's true that your need for batteries goes way up with every child!

  7. I'm not sure we had any fury ears at our hme but we did have furry little shoulders, looked a little monkeyish, but in a month or two it will be filed away with the other newborn memories!!


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