Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In a world filled with disease, war, poverty, and really uncomfortable bras, I need to just take a moment to vent.

Top of my list takes place in my Kitchen.

I think we own the most sensitive smoke detector, IN THE WORLD. I'm not kidding here. First of all, it goes of almost daily (at least 5 times a week). Second of all, 99% of the time, guess what sets it off. Any ideas?

Yup. My toaster. I toast more than 2 slices of bread, it will go off. From toast! No smoke, no steam, and not really much heat. And the smoke detector is around the corner 9 feet away (I measured). Since my I-have-to-snack-on-something-cause-I'm-STARVING body has really been into peanut butter toast lately, this really bugs.

While I'm here, let's just make a list of other incredible important rants in my life.

*Incredibly LARGE fly which find your way into the house after the kids left the side door open, AGAIN, and then decide to buzz around your bedroom at 2 am.
*Needing less than 1 yard of yarn to finish an afghan.
*making 2 special trips to the only store that carries said yarn, only to have it out of stock BOTH TIMES.
*Discovering a trilogy when only 2 books have been published, especially when book two leaves off with everything BAD possible happening, and no apparent way of how to solve it.
*My kids begging to eat something I told them we'd have for dinner ALL DAY LONG, and then taking 1 bite before declaring they are both full. (no wonder my almost 5 year old is only 36 lbs!)
*Weeks that Hubby only has one day off in between trips. Only one day out of 8 days of flying!
*My paranoid pregnancy brain. Just because this pregnancy is being identical to my first (when my water broke 5 weeks early . . .) does not mean I need to put together the crib yet. OR install the car seat. OR wash every newborn thing we have (in both colors since we didn't find out what we are having). Seriously, can someone help my hormonal brain that installing a car seat 4 months before I'm due will not help me stay pregnant longer?

Ok, in reality, life is really great right now. We've had AWESOME weather (lots of cooling wind, which tends to make me hyper), my kids have been very helpful with my projects, my house has been semi clean for more than 2 hours, my son is FINALLY getting this toilet training thing (again), I get to talk to my hubby almost every day, and my mood couldn't be better. It actually took me a long time to come up with that list. But I do have to admit, I think I might need to take out the battery in that alarm!


  1. Hmm, Good point. Uncomfortable bras are right up there with war and poverty. ;) Love ya sis!


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