Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching up

So after bragging about my amazing haircut, I had requests to post some pictures. I may be slow (like 6 weeks slow), but here they are. (We just got a web cam and I was having way too much fun figuring out how to use it!)

My basic cut:

Love it love it love it! But I have hair issues, as in I can't STAND it when my hair is in my face. So I never wear it just down. Sometimes I pull it back in adorable homemade headbands like this:

But my fall back is half pulled back like so:

I'm loving that it takes about 7 minutes from shower to done. So fun!

Also, I recently won an amazing pair of cilia forceps. Now there's an awesome phrase for you. It's right up there with lingual frenulum. After hearing of their amazing tweezing ability, I was so excited to get them in the mail. When I opened it, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, they just look like tweezers. Hearing that I was holding an actual surgical instrument, I expected . . . more. I don't' know what, but more. But then I tried them. Wow. So much easier to actually get a decent plucking job. I love them. I may even have to research how to actually shape my brows (since all I ever do is prevent my uni brow from showing up!

So InkMom, is there anyway regular people can order some? Or do you just have to know someone? 'cause these things rock!

And now I think I hear something delectable calling my name in the kitchen. Or if not, I'm going to go create something delectable that can call my name . . . .


  1. I completely understand about not coping with the hair in your face! I feel the same way. But I still think that's the most becoming of the pictures above. It's so stinkin cute!!!

  2. Love the hair cut. Can't wait to see it in person. Love to all!!!

  3. I love the haircut. Although, I'm not exactly sure what it looked like before. But still. You're cute.

    And I'm so glad you love the tweezers. I may have a little black market business to start!


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