Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Not that anyone really cares, but I just discovered this crazy bit of news. First of all, my hubby is amazing (no, I did not just find that out). He just spent 2 hours (!!) on the phone while waiting for his next flight setting up all our utilities at our new house.

We now have everything ready except our landline/internet. Unfortunately our current provider isn't available at our new place and we haven't decided yet what to do about that.

So here's the crazy part. We added everything up. Currently we pay $231 for our utilities without phone/internet. The companies we are using were able to estimate our charges based on the previous occupants. Estimated per month:$203.

Crazy! We're almost tripling our square footage, but it's going to be less for utilities.

I knew I was going to love getting a house!


  1. Wahoo!!! It's getting close!!! I'm soooo excited that I will have a sister close by!!!!

  2. And I am so excited to have you closer. (at least for another year. Wish I could help with all the craziness. Maybe when you move back to Utah. Love you all soooooo much


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