Monday, May 25, 2009

Miricles realy can happen.

Truly. Even in my little neck of the woods. They can occur. Like jewels falling from heaven- strike that. That would actually be quite painful. How about like a perfect smore - truly a rare confection but when it graces your taste buds with it's presence you discover a new meaning of joy. (sorry for the food reference. I think I'm hungry!)

It happened. At last. After only 15 months in progress, Buddy went a full 24 hours without a single accident!!!!!!!! And joy of joys, one of his successful ventures was internally inspired! Usually his successful days are me telling him got go try about 3 times a day. Last night while I was cooking dinner, I suddenly realized he was singing "Go Potty. I go a potty. go potty" as he was heading in the bathroom to do his business.

All. On. His. Own.

It was beautiful.

Now, let's not dwell on the fact that he hasn't had a BM in 36 hours and I'm a bit worried about when that happens, but that's for another day (and a diaper I hope!!!!)

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  1. That is truly a beautiful thing!!!!! A moment to make a mom happy!


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