Sunday, May 3, 2009

He did not just say that

Last week I got back from an awesome trip to seem my sis, Happy Mom. Since she is very close to where my parents are serving a mission for our church, we headed up to see them too.

Now, Grandpa is a very funny man. He likes nothing better than to tease his grand kids. And tease them over very silly simple things. He had a new box of toothpaste. And being Grandpa, he was teasing that it was a snake! He made it jump out of the box, teased, and laughed it up.

So Buddy, enjoying playing with Grandpa, proceeds to pull open his pants, and exclaim "Wook, Gwanpa! I have a snake in my pants!"


My son just said what? Grandpa looks over at me and asks "Just what are you teaching this kid?"

I promise, I have never taught my son that he has a snake. Or anything about it. I'm a firm believer that all the labeling my child needs is "private parts". Period. That was 100% his own doing.

Blushing like crazy, I changed my son into his pajamas, told him to please stop talking, and thought that was the end of it.

But no. Then we got back to Happy Mom's house. And her Hubders asked how the visit went. Of course Girly-Lou and Girlie-Whirl started telling how Silly Grandpa had pretended that the toothpaste was a snake. And Buddy opens his pants right back out and tells Hubders that he has a snake in his pants too!

Uggh. Yes, boys give you a whole different set of trials than girls. But at least I know I'm still capable of blushing!


  1. Sooo funny!!! No one has the ability to embarrass you in front of friends and family like your offspring!!! It's cliche but sooo true that kids say the darndest things. I'm so glad you blogged this--I'd already forgotten it.

  2. Just wait until burping and other body functions become funny!

  3. Oh dear. Ok, lets be honest, that is really funny, but where did he get that? Crazy!


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