Sunday, April 5, 2009

My kiddos

Thanks for all your kind words after my crazy post. I am doing better now (going to the doctor and finding out everything is ok helps a lot!).

This morning we made muffins for breakfast. Since Hubby was flying, while they were cooking I brought my kiddos into bed with me and we read scriptures. I love the feeling of snuggling with my kids while we read.

After, my kids and I just played. I find that I don't spend near enough time doing that. They bounced on the bed (which is like jumping, but not quite), I sang silly songs that I haven't sung to them since they were tiny, we tickled, and giggled, and just loved each other.

I need to focus on these good times. They help remind me of the lightness when times feel dark. I love my kids. They bring me much joy (and some stress too!). So while they are quietly eating blueberry muffins, I am making sure I will always remember this wonderful morning, playing with my Girly-Lou and Buddy Boy.


  1. I love reading about you as a mom! It's a part of you that I've only seen snippets of. It makes me happy!!! You've two lucky kids there! (and they're cute to boot!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have some of those perfect moments to remember and keep on an even keel when things aren't so perfect?


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