Saturday, November 7, 2009


I think it's finally happened. A skill I have been developing for at least 25 years just might be fully developed. Others have tried to help me with this. I've felt guilt over my lack of ability to accomplish this task. I've been bothered, annoyed, frustrated, even given up multiple times. But I think I can finally say . . .

I now make my bed every single day.

It finally actually bugs me to not have my bed made. I no longer find it more annoying to actually make the bed than to see it rumpled. I find joy in straitened covers.

Of course, now it bugs me at how lousy the rest of my room looks when my bed is made (and the serous need of some actual decoration done in that room!), but today I'm finding happiness in the little things.


  1. You go!! I can't say I've mastered that skill yet! As usual, you're the one setting the good example! :)

  2. I always thought you were one of my better children at that. Good to know it can become a habit. It's a habit for me now because my wonderful Hubby usually helps me. It's nice not to keep walking back and forth.


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