Friday, June 3, 2011

Miracle Suit

8 years ago, I was engaged to be married.  My fiance did not tell me where we were going for our honeymoon, but he did inform me that I'd need a swimsuit.

I felt I needed a good one. Previously, I'd only ever bought $15 jobbies from wallyworld or other such places. They were . . . suits. But nothing I really enjoyed wearing in public.  And they died really fast too.

A neighbor brought over a catalog for lands end. I'd never heard of it. But back then, they had this AWESOME website where you put in your measurements and they created a virtual you. You could then "try" them online.  I LOVED it!

Everything was way too much money. But I found one that actually covered me, and looked decent. So I bit the bullet, and splurged $60 for a suit.

That swimsuit has been the best splurge ever.

After much searching, here's me on my honeymoon.

Ok, so you can't see much of the suit. But I looked good. I loved this suit. It covered what needed to be covered, but left me shapely and awesome.

The only other picture I can find is from two years later:

(how cute is Girly-Lou!!! I know it looks like it's crazy deep here, but we were about 12 inches away from dry land, 
and the water was only about 3 inches here. She was just really little!)

By this picture, I was 20 pounds heaver. And it still fit me just fine!  While it wasn't the same beautiful silhouette I had before, I still felt good in it.

I just finished trying it on for this summer. I currently weigh a disgusting 40 pounds more than that awesome Caribbean cruise.  And the suit is 8 years old.  But it still fits me. The seams are strong, with no straining.  I feel modestly covered, and not as whale-ish as I thought I would.

Figured out per year, I've spent about 7 bucks a year for this suit.

Now that's a bargain!


  1. I LOVE Land's End suits. They do hold up really, really well. You should check out their website now, and click on the overstocks section. They always have some suits on sale for crazy low prices... like 15 bucks low, even. They don't always have the right sizes, but the inventory in overstocks is constantly changing so I can normally find something that would work for me.

    And oh, the little blue hat on that baby... so cute!

  2. Don't you just love being able to pat yourself on the back for a good, sensible purchase? Think of how many Walmart cheapies you would have gone through by now...
    That said, I am finding, more and more,that almost all of the clothing items I call my favorites after at least 5 years, came from Target.Not sure why but it has to say something.

  3. oh, swimsuits. what a pain to find a good one ~ glad you found one ~ definitely worth the price!!

    thanks for commenting on my strawberry pie....i think it would probably work to slice up the seems to be mostly for looks that you use them whole....although you might have to use a lot more if you slice them!


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