Thursday, May 26, 2011

A special place for special things

I may have mentioned it before, but Girly-Lou is a bit of a hoarder. Every paper colored at church, every note given to her from anyone, every card/letter/gum wrapper she's ever received, she wants to keep.

Add that to the fact she's in kindergarten . . . let's just say the clutter in her room needs some working on.  For the last year, I've wanted to make a magnet board. Somewhere she can keep some "special" papers. 

And today I finally did! One for her and Buddy. 

It started with these thrifted frames (90 cents each!). 
White works well in the girls' room. Buddy's frame got a quick coat of dark brown spray paint.  Then I used a roll of metal flashing (I think it was about $7). I measured, drew a line with a sharpie, and cut it with my kitchen shears.  Then I hot glued it onto the back of the frames. I covered this in some at hand fabric, and stuck it back in the frame. 

Tada. Two clutter catchers for about $3 each!

They needed a little something more, so I pulled out my Silhouette and made up a little vinyl for the corner.

Why did it take me this long to do this!
That's the last thing I want for the girl's room.  And the first craft done for Buddy's. You'll be getting a bunch of stuff for his room over the next while as I finish it up!

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*yes, I know you can see my kid's names. I'm ok with that. I've decided I don't really need to hide all names. But I'll still call them by the codes here, 'cause it's more fun that way!

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  1. Very cute! my eldest son who is 7 is just like your daughter in keeping everything!


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