Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scherenschnitte and other new vocab words.

(yes, I want to say bless you after that title too!)

SO I should be packing for a fabulous trip to see some family tomorrow. But, since the plane is now full, we aren't leaving until Monday. So instead I thought I'd kill some time on the computer.

'Lil has Roseola. It's one of those diseases that I've heard about, but never really thought about before. I had no idea she had it until last night, when she broke out in this weird rash all over her body.

On the plus side, I know why she had a pushing 105 fever for a couple of days. And, once the rash shows up, they aren't contagious, and are pretty much over it. And since there isn't a thing a doctor could do for it, it's really ok that I never took her in.

A few months ago, I learned about scherenschnitte from this site. Her work is amazing! (even more amazing, check this place out!) Scherenschnitte is basically German for really REALLY fancy paper cutting. I love that she posts free templates. She does it all with an exacto knife. I prefer to let my silhouette do the work!

(this was totally Happy Mom's b-day present. The first one was cuter - with blue paper. But it was too big for the frame.
So she got the less cute cream paper instead!)

My son is currently declaring every toy in the room as a "bad guy." This of course means that he then gets to knock them over and make strange sounds. Listening to boys play is always interesting!


  1. When Lili was 9 months old she had Roseola. It was AWFUL! I took her to the doctor the day the rash appeared and she told me exactly what you said, that she was basically over it now and the best thing to do was to go home and keep her eating and drinking fluids. I hate sicknesses like those! Glad she's feeling better now!

  2. Boo Hiss about not coming till Monday!! However I am glad you got things figured out for Lil'. Can't wait to see you all!!

  3. I love the comment "listening to boys play is always interesting" Even at my age, I am frequently amazed at how different boys and girls or men and women are. Viva la difference! (sp)

  4. It's on my beautiful dresser in the entry way! Thanks, sis!


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