Thursday, November 19, 2009

100th post!

Whew! We made it guys! Thanks for sticking around with me. I know my blog following is tiny, but hey, it's fun to have a place to spill your guts and people actually still talk to you.

As apposed to if I was to talk this way in the real world, where people would at best meet me with blank stares and at worst start talking very slowly about "special places" to put someone like me.

I've totally wanted to do a 100th post contest for a while. Especially after InkMom's (which was so fun!). Of course, I don't have something near as tricky to figure out. I've been racking my brain for what to do, and finally decided on a name contest.

See, in case you didn't recall, I'm having a baby sometime in the next 2 months. We're hoping for full term here, but there is some precedence for early. Like, maybe born new years eve early.

But I digress. For the first time, we did not find out the gender of this little one. It's driving my hubby crazy, but the gender wasn't even written down on my chart, so at this point we can't even ask. We also don't have names picked out.

Well, let me clarify that. I have a girl's name I LOVE, and a boys name I really like. Hubby just can't agree with me. He also can't come up with anything he likes better.

So here's the contest: Submit two baby names (1 boy and 1 girl). You also must do an ounce of research and figure out what the names actually mean ('cause that's important to me) Also, your best idea for a "blog name" since we're attempting to keep things private around here. I'll draw a name out of a hat for the winner (and hopefully can convince Hubby of some great name ideas!)

Oh, and the prize.
Last year, I posted instructions for how to make this: (sorry Paily, I know you already have one!) I am giving away one put together mini muffin tin advent calendar (which would be all the squares already assembled, a cute little bag to hold them, and a ribbon to hang it up with) This does NOT include the actual tin, since I'm cheap and don't want to spend that much to ship the puppy!

It's really cute (cuter in person than my lousy camera skills show). And fun, and the kids love the whole thing. You know you want one.

Contest runs until 10 ish on Monday November 23 . . . . .(or just before I go to bed), and I'll announce the winner the next day. That way if I actually remember to ship it, it can get to you in time to be actually used for THIS Christmas.

Unless of course I end up going into labor or some crazy thing. Then you guys are going to have to wait.


  1. I totally want this and if I don't win it, I may force you to come and help me make one!

    Girls name: Sadie (means princess--it's actually a diminuitive form of Sarah, but I didn't know that until after I'd picked it)

    Boys name: Mason (means Stone Cutter--which isn't fab, but not horrific and can have some religious meaning)

    I also liked Joel for a boy which means God be willing.

    (The boy name was tougher, I had to rule out my first choice because of it's meaning. Connor means Wolf Lover--how bizarre is that!)

  2. I have no idea for a blog name yet. Sorry!

  3. Well . . . I was going to use Lydia for this baby. But that's not her name. I love it because it's an old-fashioned sounding name, but it's way older than you think it is, because it's the name of an ancient region of Turkey. The Lydians were reknowned as musicians, and they were the inventors of coinage. So, smart musical people. My kind of people.

    Boy name? My last one was almost Griffin. Didn't use that one, either.

    Good luck!

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