Thursday, September 1, 2011

my big church bag- and a GIVEAWAY!

A few months ago, I was "upgraded" in my church calling. I now have way too much responsibility (though, at least I'm not president!) and a big honkin binder I need to lug everywhere.

My cute really cheap tote bag was now not adequate for all the stuff I need. So I was on the hunt for a nice huge bag to take to church.

While looking for a fabulous purse to maybe sew, I stumbled up on this tote bag pattern:

Super easy, and cute too.

I mostly followed her easy instructions, with just a few changes.

First of all. I needed it to have a much wider bottom. So instead of making the bottom triangles 4" (it will make sense when you read the pattern), I made mine 7".

I also added pockets and an extra bottom pattern like she did in her other version.

While finding a purse to sew, many people suggested using plastic canvas to make it stiff and stand on its own.  The tote pattern suggested fusible fleece. After seeing the price tag on that stuff (it was almost $8 a yard!), I went for the plastic canvas option ($0.45 each!).  Here's how I did that part.

I made the lining just as the pattern instructs. After cutting off the bottom triangle thingies, I lined up a piece of plastic canvas with the bottom corners:

And pinned it all over to keep it from moving around.

Then, I just VERY SLOWLY zigzagged around.

No, my stitch length didn't exactly line up with the openings of the canvas. That's why I went slow. I could actually feel the needle slip off the plastic into the squares once and a while.

I wasn't sure I could actually sew around all 4 sides on both pieces, so I just did a bit along the top & sides to make sure it didn't slide everywhere.

I repeated this with the other side

And . . .


I'm super happy with it.  I didn't think about the fact that increasing the bottom would decrease the sides, and I wish it would have been about an inch taller:

But still, it's so nice that I can actually fit everything in there!

So, on to the giveaway. . . I bet you guys are thinking I'm giving one of these bags away, right. WRONG!

Guess what came in my mailbox the other day . . .

Yup! Book 6 in the Sadie Hoffmiller series.

Guys, don't read this one at night.  It's kind of creepy.  And there's a big old plot twist, again, that I did NOT see coming, but changed a ton for me.  You'll love it.  And,

To win your own signed-by-the-author copy, leave me a comment with either the title of a book you love, or a book you'd like to read.  Comments will close Sunday, Sept 4 at 7:00 central time, and I'll announce a  winner Monday morning!

*disclaimer shma:  I received two copies of this book as part of my participation in the test kitchen.  But I only give one away, 'cause I want to keep one too!

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  1. I like the bag girlie! It think it turned out cute!!

    Of course I would love to read this book but I guess that doesn't really count. Some day I want to read Les Miserable the non abridged. Such a great story!!

  2. Some day I want to have your sewing skills. I'll keep practicing.

    I would love to read the book... but I'm behind. I currently own book 2 and that's it. But I would catch up if I won a copy! (But my luck never seems quite there, but leaving comments is fun!)

    As for my favorite book, it's probably What the Doctor Ordered. What do I want to read? Anything that people say is good that I haven't read yet. I like to try new things.

    Love you!

  3. I'm loving the Hunger Games at the moment!

    -Britt T.

  4. I'm currently reading A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck and I'm loving it.

    And I love the fabric you picked for your bag. Super Cute!!

  5. Cute bag girl!?! You are amazing in so many ways.
    As for a book that I love books by Dee Henderson, Karen Kingsbury, and Gerald Lund, Right now I am reading "Fisher of Men" and the Book of Mormon! ;)

  6. You have mad skills.....

    I'm reading "Truth Will Prevail" but I wanna read "Thy Gold to Refine.

  7. Okay next time you're in Utah, we should have a sewing party and you can help me make one of those bags! I need one for Cub Scouts!

    As for a book I just finished this fantastic memoir, "Cinderella Ate My Daughter." Great book, quick read and related super well to what I've been trying to balance with my little girl. Oh the joys! But we all figure it out one way or another right?!

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