Monday, November 29, 2010

Forget Maniac Shopping . . .

Around here, we're just busy maniac CRAFTING!

Yes. This is my pile of crafts that need to be done. The joyful thing - this is only the stuff that needs to be done before December 13. There's more that I'm putting off until after that.

On the table are:
  • presents for both moms
  • present for the person who's name we have for Christmas (my side)
  • presents for Hubby's side
  • 10 table runners for a wedding reception
  • fabric for a pieced quilt, also for the reception
  • a little something (that may change) for a little present for my sisters
  • presents for my primary class
Whew. All in 14 days. And my in laws are coming today for a few days. Wish me luck in my insanity!


  1. Oh, I present for me!!! How nice :) I love you lady!

  2. I always wanted Christmas to be calm and peaceful. Only after Christmas did I ever get that feeling. Some were more crazy than others. Looks like you have a real crazy one comeing up. Sure do love you. Thanks for helping with the reception.

  3. can't wait to see all the finished goodies!

  4. What a fun blog!! I was looking up advent calendars & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yours! I wish we still did Super Saturdays out here in East Mesa, AZ....thanks so much for all the tips. I think I'll be putting mine together this weekend and sharing your blog with others :) Shari

  5. Whew! Good luck! I have a few things to make and I'm kinda thinking I need to get moving, haha! I love your good enough bathroom. Our bathroom is the one room in our house we haven't touched and I feel the same way about it. You did great for putting in a lot of hard work and spending nothing!

    Thanks for visiting :)


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