Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stick it.

Life has been a zoo around here. I've been working on an amazing thoughtful and profound post on my weekend.

Hopefully it'll be done before next April.

IN the mean time . . . Hubby is attempting to teach me how to drive a stick. We've done a grand total of 3 lessons so far. While I can drive it, please don't ask me to drive at an intersection with 4 other cars!

At one particularly horrible stuttering shift, I realized, every time the car jerked around as I yet again failed to smoothly release the clutch, 'Lil was in the back seat proclaiming "U-u-u-OH!".

Even my 20 month old knows I need more practice.


  1. Oh dear sister. I'm so ornery today, and this made me smile. Thanks!! Love you!

  2. wow, I can't believe dad didn't teach you to drive a standard transmission, how did you get out of that??? Wishing you well, love ya lots! Laura

  3. I'm sure that "smooth take off" is just aroung the corner. Love you.


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