Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Gaurd

My Hubby helped save a life yesterday.

I get regular, incredibly detailed descriptions of his flights. While I could never land a plane, I've begun to understand when he starts talking "flaps 22, gear down, chop and drop" (basically it means it was hard to get the plane down to land because of a difficult set up.) Honestly because of the immense technical details, I tune most of the conversation out. But yesterday's description garnered my full attention.

Before taking off on his first flight of the day, he was informed that he was given "Life Guard" call sign. This sign is given to planes with critical body parts aboard. While he's transported a few eyes and even a liver once, this was his first time flying with a human heart in his cargo bay.

Usually most of his stories are riddled with descriptions of annoying people: this Air Traffic Controller wouldn't clear them to land, that Ramper was totally lazy and wouldn't answer the radio, the Gate Agent was late, etc. Hubby's description of when he was Life Guard was much different. Everyone got out of their way, bent over backwards to help smooth the way. At one point he said "it would be awesome if everyone treated every flight as if it was a Life Guard."

He landed, watched as they transported the organ to another plane for a continuing flight across the nation, and went on with his day. But I could hear the touch of pleasure in his voice as he took pride in helping someone live. Just by doing his job.

How often does one get a chance to be a Life Guard? Hubby did nothing special, not really even different than the dozen of other flights he performs in a week. But by being there, just doing his job, he saved a life.

Do I do that? By just doing my job, have I helped someone else? Hubby has no idea who the recipient is, no idea even where the heart will end up. What actions do I do that could change someone? How can I behave, help, guide, just be there to help someone else.

Even more than that, what about all the other people that didn't fly the plane but made it easier. They just treated with respect, and did their job the best they can. To find joy in your job, to do the very best no matter what. What a hard thing to do when all around us we are told that we "deserve" better, that we ARE better, that this is beneath us.

I work. I work hard. I do not get a paycheck for my job. I do not always find satisfaction in my job. I do not always do my best job. There are times when I just want to give up, run away, be someone else for a few days.

But I don't. There is no way to know when me just doing my regular job will make the difference in someone's life. Just to be there could make me a Life Guard too.

That's enough to inspire me to get back to work. I do love my job, just as Hubby loves his. But sometimes you just need to feel like you can make a difference.

And now I remember that we can.


  1. Sweet story sis!

    We've all been there, in that place where our "job" isn't very fun or rewarding or fulfilling. What a beautiful thing that when we do just what you said, stick it out and keep going, the joy finds us again.

  2. I love the way you express yourself. I'm not sure I recognized the joy of motherhood as young as you have. I often wanted to run away for a day or more. Looking back I just remember the joy. Did I do anything good? I don't know I have 8 terrific children that I hope I helped along their way. What a blessing to be a mom of wonderful kids.

  3. Very cool... good thing you paid attention to Hubby's ramblings! And I hear ya on the whole mom thing... most days I should be fired.

  4. What a great reminder! Thanks for sharing the little things that can have make a big reminder to help us be better!


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