Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Emergency stuff

I've been thinking a lot recently about food storage/72 hour kits/ etc. I've talked with several other people about this, and all of us are feeling the same thing: the time is far PAST when we should have done this! Honestly, I get a pit in my stomach whenever I think about how really REALLY messed up we'd be in a true emergency. So this year is my storage year. Along with the 8 bajillon other things I'm working on, I'm really truly going to start this stuff! Seriously - when Hubby gets home with the car this weekend, I'm off to the store, armed with my calorie appropriate 72 kit list (find it at ), and a list of a few other essentials, I'm getting this going.

Of course, I've also found a couple of prepackaged drool worthy kits that I'd rather do . . . (insert "If I had a Million Dollars" clip here . . .) Maybe I can just win one! Check out
That's one I'd love to get! I'm excited to find this blog - I'm totally checking out her tips as the year rolls around!

(ok, so this one wasn't funny, or cute, or anything, but I needed to post the link to be entered, so there you go!)


  1. Hey--I found your site while looking for food storage related items on the internet....if you are interested in getting prepared, you should also check out Tons of great info and products. Also, if you use the code save15 you can save 15% at checkout.

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